Photo by Liz Sparling at  Cherrybird Photography .

Photo by Liz Sparling at Cherrybird Photography.


about us:

Welcome to Daydreams & Airstreams! We are the DeGraffenreid family: Amanda (that's me!), Bryan, Maddox, and Zoë. On January 24, 2015, after years of “off again—on again” searching, we purchased a vintage Airstream. More on that story later (how I found it and how we got it home)! For years, we knew we wanted to find and purchase a “project Airstream” that we could gut and finish out to be exactly what we wanted. But “a project Airstream” was a bit of an understatement! This blog will be a diary of our work, inspiration, and ideas as we work on making this shiny beauty a road-ready trailer again. We hope we can offer some advice, tips, and perspective on our Airstream remodel journey for others traveling this same path. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We are excited you are here!